Green Up

Zero-waste: Re-fill Stations are the Way to Go

Shampoo with me is a funny thing. I have been trying for years to find a shampoo and conditioner that work for me.  I have tried drug store varieties, to ones sold only in salons, to making my own.  I have had a dry, itchy, sore scalp to varying degrees. I have dark thick hair which I keep long because I need to be able to tie it up. That’s another story.  It is temperamental and either is heavy and weighted down or dry and frizzy. Anyways, I have been getting closer this past year and have finally found something that works!

My latest trial is one that has me very excited though. It is plastic and waste free which is a huge bonus because it is something I am really trying to get on board with. If you go through my site or run into me while shopping you’ll find small changes that have been made not only by me but by many others .  We still have a long way to go but this is my part…

On my last few visits to Muskoka Natural Food Market I have been bringing in my own containers to be tared and filled at their bulk area. They now have a refill station with a variety of liquids like hand soaps, dishwashing liquid and such. I filled up a jar and have been using it for the last month or so and it is awesome! My hair has never felt healthier. It is smooth and shiny and feels clean. I don’t have that waxy layer so my hair isn’t heavy. I can wear my ponytail all day without getting a headache!  Anyhow, I just fitted my mason jar with a hand pump which I got from Masoneuve. They are a local company in Muskoka that provides accessories to retrofit your mason jars (everyone probably already has a bunch of these floating around the house). It’s funny the little things that make me happy!

  • By doing this I keep another plastic jar from entering my house and the landfill. 
  • By doing this I actually save money. It is more cost effective than purchasing online or at a salon and it is not being shipped to my house. On that note, less energy has been put towards getting this product into our homes. The stores still have to get a large bulk to be filled by consumers.
  • My scalp and hair are feeling good!

So I feel we are heading in the right direction. I see more and more businesses filling the demand for products and services this way.  It goes both ways. Businesses support what the consumers need and want, while the public drives what types of things are desired.

What do you think?