Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

I’ve been craving my mom’s cooking. I made soy chicken wings with rice which I haven’t done in a while. You’d think I might need a recipe or at least a refresher on how to do it. It was satisfiying to recreate this dish from memory and have it turn out. I had run out of my soy sauce a couple of months ago and have had a hard time finding the kind I am use to, at the local grocery stores, so I wasn’t sure what would happen.

Here’s my list of ingredients for this meal.

  • Chicken wings and cutlets
  • Onions
  • Dark soy sauce
  • Oyster sauce
  • Brown sugar
  • Star anise or chinese 5 spice
  • Approximately 1/4 cup Water
  • Cornstarch
  • White or brown rice
In a wok or frying pan saute chopped onions until tender. Turn heat to medium high to high and add enough oil so that it coats the chicken as it is being tossed around. Do this until chicken is cooked and browning on the outside. If you are using thighs you can cover an lower the heat while they cook.  Add finely chopped ginger root and garlic.  Stir until you smell the aroma and pour in mixture of soy sauce, water, cornstarch and sugar. Add star anise if you wish but I ofter find the sauce is tasty enough. Stir until chicken is coated and simmer until liquid reduces and thickens slightly. Serve an top of a bowl of warm rice with some crunchy garnish such as chopped green onions or a handful of sprouts and you have yourself a mouth watering fun dinner.

Congee (Juk) in the Instant Pot

Lately I have been making this soup in the pressure cooker and it turned out so good. It makes this tidy and quick soup the perfect meal when you’re wanting something warm and tasty.  If you’re interested in the stove top version go here.

Congee (Juk)

This is my ultimate comfort food!  Easy to make and I always have the ingredients – rice, water, chicken or beef, seasonings.
I loved all the meals my parents prepared growing up.  I sure had my favorite Chinese and western dishes alike.  My mom is a great cook and of the many, many things she has taught me, one of them is how to cook.  Growing up I watched her make tables full of various dishes to fill our bellies.
My father had dishes of his own and they are still some of my favorites.  Just thinking of them makes me salivate.  I love how the mind can conjure up flavors.
So here’s my instant pot version for congee/ juk:

  • Fill your pot with water until it is about 2/3rds full or to the about the 8 cup line.  Add chicken or turkey – whatever type of meat you desire that day. If you are making poultry use pieces with the bone in, for better flavor.  You just have to remove the bones from the soup after it has fully cooked.  Two chicken legs with the thighs work well. If you are using sliced beef add it at the end. If you are using fish make sure it is boneless and add it at the end. (You can also make plain juk/congee by omitting this part).
  • Add 1-1/2 cup of long grain rice. Do not use parboiled rice.
  • Add ginger and garlic if you wish. I prefer adding these minced in my bowl as seasoning.
  • Check the gasket on your lid to make sure it is properly in place before putting it on and in the lock position. Put the vent in the seal position and press soup button or manual for 35 min.
  • Walk away and let it do its thing!

I let it cool down normally to maximize the cooking time. With soups I find this is always the way to go to avoid sputtering from the vent. If you want it thicker you can press the off button and saute it for a bit to get the consistancy you like. I prefer mine a bit more brothier than my husband.  One of the best things about this soup is each being able to top each bowl off the way you like! So grab a hand full of radish sprouts, some fresh diced or grated ginder, a splash of Maggi sauce and a few turns of the pepper grinder! 




Chinese Beef Stew

Yahoooo!!! Another my girl approved meal…
Tonight I made Chinese Beef Stew and it turned out fantastic!
I love my Instant Pot!!
So before I forget this is how l made it:

Stewing beef
Beef broth cornstarch
Soy sauce
Hoisin sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Star anise

On saute cook onions in oil. Add browned beef. Add everything else. Put lid on and set to stew. Walk away and let it do it’s thing.