Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

I've been craving my mom's cooking. I made soy chicken wings with rice which I haven't done in a while. You'd think I might need a recipe or at least a refresher on how to do it. It was satisfiying to recreate this dish from memory and have it turn out. I had run out… Continue reading Soy Sauce Chicken Wings

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Congee (Juk) in the Instant Pot

Lately I have been making this soup in the pressure cooker and it turned out so good. It makes this tidy and quick soup the perfect meal when you're wanting something warm and tasty.  If you're interested in the stove top version go here. Congee (Juk) This is my ultimate comfort food!  Easy to make… Continue reading Congee (Juk) in the Instant Pot

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Chinese Beef Stew

Yahoooo!!! Another my girl approved meal... Tonight I made Chinese Beef Stew and it turned out fantastic! I love my Instant Pot!! So before I forget this is how l made it: Stewing beef Onions Beef broth cornstarch Garlic Soy sauce Hoisin sauce Worcestershire sauce Carrots Oil Pepper Ginger Star anise On saute cook onions… Continue reading Chinese Beef Stew