Clearing Frenzy

Jan 1stToday I got rid of an old t-shirt, my husband an old t-shirt, and my daughter a stuffy. I'm bringing along my family on this venture of clearing out the excess. I can't do it alone. If the past couple of years has shown me anything it's that we have to work on this… Continue reading Clearing Frenzy


I have to be brave…

Well, here we go! I have to launch this blog sometime. Lets call it a pre-launch.  I really don't expect anyone to see this. There is soooo much out there and I still have a lot to do.


Residual Effects

They say that when you are a kid a bad experience can stick with you.  This is so true for kids that are HSP.  Many times when we remember a situation or event it is vivid in our memories throughout life. We remind ourselves of the residue that it left all the time. Every time… Continue reading Residual Effects



Cliques - it is something that we all deal with in school.  It even follows us into adulthood.  If you are like I am someone who is an HSP it can be very difficult. The Buddy Bench is about creating an opportunity for inclusion and eliminating loneliness. It is a simple idea to create awareness… Continue reading Cliques


New Routines

Today is about reinforcing new routines and to put more things into action and stop thinking things through so much.  This is a start. Writing stuff down. Realizing my habits and doing what I need to do to move forward. I spend way too much effort thinking up plans and wondering if they’ll work –… Continue reading New Routines