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Zero-waste: Re-fill Stations are the Way to Go

Shampoo with me is a funny thing. I have been trying for years to find a shampoo and conditioner that work for me.  I have tried drug store varieties, to ones sold only in salons, to making my own.  I have had a dry, itchy, sore scalp to varying degrees. I have dark thick hair… Continue reading Zero-waste: Re-fill Stations are the Way to Go

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Well...almost healed. Yesterday, was the first morning that I’ve woken up and started moving around like my normal self. I am still tender to move up and down stairs or stride around easily outdoors but on the flat even surfaces of the house, it is great. What a relief!! I know it is not perfect… Continue reading Heal…Healing…Healed


Congee (Juk) in the Instant Pot

Lately I have been making this soup in the pressure cooker and it turned out so good. It makes this tidy and quick soup the perfect meal when you're wanting something warm and tasty.  If you're interested in the stove top version go here. Congee (Juk) This is my ultimate comfort food!  Easy to make… Continue reading Congee (Juk) in the Instant Pot